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Geofencing Marketing: The whole New Way to Market Your Business Doing Absolutely everything with absolute Care

There has been growing buzz amongst marketers about geotargeting as of late. Most of you will already be familiar with location-based ads, where a user’s location is recorded via the internet, or the user’s “checks-in” to a particular location. Geofencing advertising approves corporations & advertisers to serve display advertisements and goal humans in very precise areas and the locations they go such as competitor locations, conference centres, retail locations, malls, tournament centres, neighbourhoods, crosswalks, and as small as 5 square foot…

How about if you could market to your target audience when they’re shopping with your competitor? How about when they’re browsing your offline or online store? Or, if they are preparing to use your service?

With geofencing marketing, we can target smartphones and we can reach the target audience in new ways and boost sales to record levels. That’s all because of geofence marketing here ads are targeted to users based on their location, which you can make as narrow as 1000 square feet.

At Rootnut, we specialised in optimising geofencing marketing campaigns with client competitors and launching geofencing campaign services, and it shows — we’ve generated more ROI for our clients. If you’re planning or looking for a geofencing campaigning company to get your campaign started, whether it be on Google Ads, Facebook, or Instagram, contact us online today hyderabad’s Best Digital Marketing Agency.